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Latest activity inside the haunted Antique Shop

In the haunted building on our Haunted St. Augustine – Paranormal Investigative tour this past week, our guide Rick asked the spirits in the back record room if they could trigger the REM-POD to make sounds and very soon it went off making non-stop noise for quite awhile. The P-SB7 Spirit Box was on to…

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Child ghost playing at the St. Augustine Lighthouse park

The date was 6-6-16 and it happened on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle tour. GhoSt Augustine tour guide Matt describes the haunted activity:  At the Lighthouse park, a lady on the tour passed under a massive oak tree branch and she could feel her hair lifted up with a bit of a pull. Shortly after,…

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This was not a spider

Ahhhh, she screamed inside the haunted building. What made her scream was a light touch to her foot. She described that if felt as if her foot was was wrapped in spiderweb. Then it felt like it had a light burn on her skin. Our guide turned on the lights and her ankle looked like…

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15 years since GhoSt Augustine's doors opened May 25th 2001

Today it’s 15 years since GhoSt Augustine opened for business! The tours will be running as usual, but between 4-7:30 pm our main store will be closed between 4-7:30 pm since we are having a small celebration among the staff. Who was the first person that came in to the store at the original 123…

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Ghost says hi and gives a personal good bye greeting caught on EVP

On the Haunted St. Augustine tour inside the Antique shop in the backroom – the closet / storage area – our Guide Rick and the tour group used the P-SB7 and a Voice Recorder to catch EVP’s and there’s a girl named Morgan in the tour group. It sounds like a voice is coming through…

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Mysterious scratch marks

Tour guest’s leg mysteriously scratched on our Everdark Express tour. This happened this past Saturday. First he felt something brushing against his leg and then a burning feeling on his leg. When he looked there were 3 long scratches on his leg. It is generally believed to be representing a mocking of the holy trinity….

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Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle activity

Recently on the Everdark Express: One girl got a light push in her back inside the upstairs of the haunted pub – no one was close behind her. Another girl felt like it was burning on her arm and rolled back her long sleeve. Under our tour guide’s flashlight 3 scratches were revealed running far…

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Parnormal Activity at the Haunted British Pub

We’ve had a lot of paranormal activity reported in December and January both downstairs and upstairs at the British Pub at 213 Anastasia Blvd. The bartenders have after closing up and cleaning the pub when it is all quiet felt an ominous heavy energy that triggers intense fear. On several of such reported occasions soon…

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Happy Holiday Greetings from us!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to you from us at GhoSt Augustine! We kicked off the season with a Whoville Christmas themed company Christmas Party this week on Monday Dec 7th at the British Pub on Anastasia Island. We ate and cheered in the season with good spirits! Not everyone could make it unfortunately. Better late…

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GhoSt Augustine in the St. Augustine Christmas Parade

The St. Augustine Christmas Parade this past Saturday Dec 5th. Our Whovillers handed out tons of candy to small and big kids even though it literally rained on our parade. At least it made the Grinch smile. Thanks Grinch! (alias Mr. Ed). Thank You Yvonne, Gina, The rest of the Hillis family for fixing up…

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