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ParaPic Flashback!

Today we flashback to our winner of June 2023 ParaPic contest!

In June of 2023, a guest named Denise joined us for a Deadwalk. While passing by a home on the scenic Marine Street, she listened to the story of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, who was murdered in cold blood on the front steps of of the very house they were standing in front of. The unsolved murder is still one of the most talked about, infamous crimes in modern St. Augustine history. While listening to the tale, Denise snapped a photo of the home, thinking about what a sad story Athalia had, and how it was nice that she was never forgotten.

Later , she spotted something in the photo of the home:


a bird sitting on the side of a building a close up of a brick building



Take a closer look at our guest’s photo, as well as a photo of Athalia, and a photo from the crime scene. Notice anything?


a sign on the side of a buildingan old photo of a person


The photo on the right is of a young Athalia. Denise’s photo shows the face of a young woman, greatly resembling that of a younger Athalia. It also looks in the paranormal photo as her body is covered – like a sheet – as in the crime scene photo. The angle of the body also corresponds with the crime scene photo.


Interested in joining the contest for yourself? Check out the rules here and see if you can capture a spirit AND a great prize!

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