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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Booked tours can be re-booked or cancelled for a full refund until 48 hours prior to the starting time of the tour or paranormal investigation. Within 48 hours, no re-bookings or refunds are permitted unless a Trip Cancellation Protection has been purchased, which allows the customer to re-book or cancel for a full refund until 4 hours prior to the starting time of the tour or paranormal investigation.

We tour and investigate the paranormal rain or shine.
If there is lightning and heavy rains during outside tours, the tour guide will seek safe shelter and the tour will break until the lightning and heavy rain moves on.
Tours are only cancelled due to officially issued Tornado Warnings and Hurricane force wind warnings.

Anyone arriving intoxicated will not be allowed on the tour. No refunds issued to intoxicated guests and guests that are asked to leave the tour due to rude behavior or/and behavior that sabotages the tour by repeatedly interrupting the guide.

Please wear comfortable shoes that also protect your feet (no flip-flops).
Downtown has a +450 year history so the ground is sometimes uneven. So, please watch your steps carefully. On the Everdark Express, we usually enter a Cemetery and a haunted park. On the Haunted St. Augustine, we usually walk around the old fort. So needless to say – watch your steps and wear covered shoes.

Posted length of tour or paranormal investigation is always an approximation- so be aware that the experience could go on a bit longer or on rare occasions a bit under the estimated time

No filming or recording allowed when the tour guide is spinning the haunted stories. We like to keep it fresh for everyone.
You may film and record during investigational parts of a tour and when the tour guide is not telling the haunted tales.


Please Note:
* By taking the tour you agree to not hold GhoSt Augustine Ltd. Co. or its employees or owner/s responsible for any incidents, including tripping and/or falling or getting hurt in any way, during the tour or any effects from having experienced one of GhoSt Augustine’s tours.
*You and everyone in your party take the tour at your own risk.
*You are strongly advised to wear comfortable covered shoes since the ground is uneven at some places where we tour in the old downtown and at the haunted park and other places.
 * Our paranormal investigations (and even the ghost tours) can have intense episodes. The locations visited have a long history of paranormal phenomena.
* People have on occasion received what they believe is from paranormal activity, temporary red marks, scratches and/or burning sensation.
*People have on occasion experienced strong feelings of fear and/or anxiety and/or other symptoms of mental distress during or after the tour.
* To be safe, people with a bad heart or other health issues should consult with a doctor before taking the tour, or refrain from taking the tour.