Child ghost running at St. Augustine Lighthouse in picture

One of the 3 child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park were caught on camera by our tour guest Tara Hund on September 11th. Unfortunately I can for some reason not post photos here for some technical issue. Please take a look at it at our facebook page. It is an amazing photo where…

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Lots of paranormal activity on the Everdark Express

We continue to have a lot of activity happening inside the 2 haunted buildings we enter on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle. On this riding ghost tour of St. Augustine our guests hear the stories of those 2 haunted buildings, a less visited kind of forgotten old cemetery, and the park at the St. Augustine…

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Christy McCranie Hemphill month of July photo winner

Christy sent us her photo showing an apparition of one of the child ghosts at St. Augustine Lighthouse park. This photo can be seen on our fb page and the amazing story of how she and her husband interacted with the famous child girl ghosts at the park. Please check out our fb to see…

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Child ghosts interaction at playground on the Everdark Express tour

Child ghosts played with our tour guests! Christy McCranie Hemphill contacting us this month retelling the experience and sharing the photo. This is what she and her husband experienced on our Everdark Express SS ghost tour at St. Augustine Lighthouse Park in April of 2015 at about 2 am. “We played chase with the girl…

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Ghost of Tim tells us his age on the Dead Walk this past week

On the Dead Walk Tour this past week, our guide was using the P-SB7 (spirit voice box that transmits voices of ghosts) at the famously haunted old Antique store. There is a child ghost named Tim that our ghost tour group was interacting with and he was asked how old he is and the entire…

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Ghost shuts off the lights at closed off haunted top floor

Recently on our Dead Walk tour:  At the former Ponce de Leon Hotel  our guide  spots the top floor lights turned on. This is an area that is closed off due to the paranormal activity on that floor. As she tells this to the tour group that those lights should not be on and that…

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Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellency for 2016 received

Happy to announce that we have received Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellency 2016 for our awesome ghost tours of St. Augustine! Thanks to all our tour guides and store staff for their great performances and also thanks so much to our guests!

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Latest activity inside the haunted Antique Shop

In the haunted building on our Haunted St. Augustine – Paranormal Investigative tour this past week, our guide Rick asked the spirits in the back record room if they could trigger the REM-POD to make sounds and very soon it went off making non-stop noise for quite awhile. The P-SB7 Spirit Box was on to…

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Child ghost playing at the St. Augustine Lighthouse park

The date was 6-6-16 and it happened on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle tour. GhoSt Augustine tour guide Matt describes the haunted activity:  At the Lighthouse park, a lady on the tour passed under a massive oak tree branch and she could feel her hair lifted up with a bit of a pull. Shortly after,…

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This was not a spider

Ahhhh, she screamed inside the haunted building. What made her scream was a light touch to her foot. She described that if felt as if her foot was was wrapped in spiderweb. Then it felt like it had a light burn on her skin. Our guide turned on the lights and her ankle looked like…

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