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Haunted St. Augustine Semi-Private Paranormal Investigation

The Original Paranormal Investigation Tour!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 13+
Child Ages: 6-12
Private Tour Up To 10 People

This interactive walking tour will introduce you to the investigation of haunted sites in St. Augustine, Florida!

A small group experience, you will learn how to assess seemingly haunted phenomena and what compromises an actual haunting using your senses and research equipment!

You will be instructed in: what kind of phenomena make a “genuine haunting”, how to approach investigating such phenomena, to employ your senses and respect your own psychic feelings, learn about various types of paranormal equipment, and you’ll get equipped with two great tools to track paranormal activity.

This tour has been going on almost every night since January 2002. We will share stories and anecdotes from the tour related to the sites we visit and relevant historic details. The tour is not designed to frighten, but to engage and educate you in the investigation of haunted phenomena.

During the history of the tour we have experienced a wide range of paranormal phenomena including occasional sightings, as well as paranormal sounds, scents, and tactile encounters. Participants have at times described feelings and impressions that match closely actual events that we know have occurred in the places we visit.

Each night is a novel experience and what will happen is unpredictable. So, please don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture your experience on this adventure!