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Haunted Florida: The Bellamy Bridge

In the heart of Florida lies the infamous Bellamy Bridge. Located near Marianna, this historic and haunted bridge is sometimes referred to as one of the most haunted sites in Florida, drawing curious visitors and paranormal enthusiasts from all over.


Legend has it that the spirit of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, the young bride of Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy, haunts the bridge and its surroundings. Elizabeth met a tragic end when her wedding day turned to tragedy as of her gown caught fire from a nearby candle, setting the new bride ablaze. Screaming in agony she called for help, but it was too late- she died just days later, while pledging her never ending love to her new husband. Shortly after, her groom followed her by his own hand, and was buried in an unmarked grave on the grounds. Legend has it that Elizabeth hunts and haunts for her missing groom.


Encounters with the Unknown

Over the years, numerous visitors have reported eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena at Bellamy Bridge. From strange lights flickering in the darkness to inexplicable whispers carried on the wind, the haunted, abandoned bridge exudes an otherworldly aura. Some claim to have seen Elizabeth’s ghost wandering the grounds, while others have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair wash over them.

Exploring the Paranormal

Thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators flock to the haunted Bellamy Bridge in search of answers, armed with cameras, EVP recorders, and other ghost-hunting equipment. Countless investigations have been conducted in an effort to capture evidence of the supernatural. 

Preserving a Legacy

Despite its haunted reputation, Bellamy Bridge remains an important piece of Florida’s history and heritage. Efforts have been made to preserve the bridge and its surroundings, ensuring that future generations can appreciate its significance and learn from the past.The allure of thehaunted Bellamy Bridge and the stories that continue to swirl around it, reminding us that the past is never truly forgotten.

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