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Haunted House Happenings: Meet Tommy


On the outskirts of St. Augustine, is nestled a quiet home in a serene neighborhood. The house does not stand out from its neighbors, and most people would miss it .But, unlike most, this house holds spiritual secrets. This house is our haunted Dixie House. Today, we will let you in one one of the little house’s many secrets.

The Dixie House is the haunt of several spirits. However, there is one that we will focus on today- The spirit of a little boy named Tommy. He is thought to be between the ages of 5 and 8, and has yet to tell us how he became a spirit. He  loves to interact with guests and even has a favorite toy! His gray teddy bear receives a lot of attention from little Tommy. 

He is seen on the SLS camera-  sitting in his chair with his bear or  running from room to room. His voice has been captured via EVP, and sometimes he plays with flashlights. While the Dixie House does house several spirits, Tommy is among the most active.

During one memorable investigation, one of our guests were asked if Tommy liked the music box- our Poltertune 1.5. There was an immediate response from the Portal- a very clear “yes”. On a separate night, our investigators were singing “ring around the rosy” and “twinkle twinkle little star” – the Polterscript said “song” and a Spirit Box said “yes”.

And of course, Tommy loves his bear! Check out the video below!



Want to try to meet Tommy for yourself? Join us on an Everdark Express or Para4ce Investigation!

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