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Tour Guide's Haunted Pub Experience!

Earlier in the year, I had a group of ten people-3 men and 7 women-on my pub tour. One woman had on this beautiful corduroy white coat. As we were at Harry’s upstairs waiting for the rest of the group, I overheard her bragging to one of the other women on the tour how she had just bought it that day and had paid a very pretty penny for it. You could tell she was absolutely proud of this coat.
After I was done talking, I invited the ladies to go into the women’s restroom with the energy readers to see if they could contact the resident spirit, Catalina. Catalina de Porras is a very strong-willed, upper-class Spanish lady who lived in the home in the 1740s and then in the 1760s, and is the spirit I’ve had the most experiences with while I’ve done these tours.  What was her bedroom is now the second floor ladies’ restroom, and sometimes she likes to hang out in there and make certain that the women are minding their manners while they’re in what she still sees as her home.
This night in particular, the lady with the white coat took the energy reader, and led the line of seven women running to the bathroom to investigate. As I was outside talking to the men, I heard screams coming from the bathroom, and one of the other women ran down the hall to the dining room where we were sitting, saying “Sarah, Sarah, quick, you need to come look at this!”
As I walked down the hall and into the bathroom, I saw the woman with the white coat standing in the middle of the room face turned toward the ground, arms crossed tightly around her chest. It was at that point that I noticed that her right arm was completely soaked in red wine to the point that there was no longer any white. It was also down the front and back of her jacket. The strangest thing was that nobody had a glass of wine on them.
I started asking the logical questions; did something spill in something, did you lean in something. Each time, all the woman would do was shake her head at the floor and reply ‘no’. Finally, just joking, I asked if she had said something. This time, she nodded her head and replied ‘yes’.
I waited for her to start smiling. When she didn’t, I realized she was serious and asked her what she said. She was so shaken, she refused to repeat it, lest something else happen to her. Her friend explained, saying “we were all walking around; everybody’s back to her, when all of us heard her say ‘it’s not that impressive in here’. When I turned around to say something, I noticed her arm and front were now covered in red wine. And she was in front of us while we were walking in here. All of us would have noticed if there was already something on her.”
At Harry’s, Catalina is known to demand good behavior. This lady obviously needed reminding of good house manners.


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