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To tell you about the events on this tour that has happened would be far too long to report in one entry. So I’m going to relay them to you one event at a time and you will have to keep coming back to read more!!! Let me start with the hearse. Yes we have more than one. To ask me which is my favorite it’s too hard to choose. We are going to start with the younger of the two, our 1990 (Frankie)!! Doing what I do I come into contact with all sorts of things. Quite often I find myself in the company of psychics. There are things that you get told over and over again that you just don’t forget it. Then couple that with picture proof that was taken then immediately shown to you it gets your attention. This leads me to event #1. It was a very hot August evening, and I had an amazing couple who as luck would have it the wife happened to be psychic. She kept telling me that I had a man who rides with me in this hearse, and that he was attached to this hearse in some way. Well her husband was taking pictures everywhere that she would get an impression. As she was telling me about this man in his top hat who sits next to me on every tour her husband snapped yet another photo. In this photo, and this one only you can very clearly see a person although very transparent he had a top hat on and all. It was quite an amazing event. As the night went on the driver’s side passenger door kept trying to come open at every stop. Mind you this door was locked and I hadn’t gotten out of the vehicle yet. This was the only time this has ever happened. We have had plenty of people do full blown investigations and in one evp the lead investigator for the group asked if anyone was with us tonight. Very clearly you heard the name Frank. Very exciting things happen in the hearse. Things love to move when no one is in the hearse. People have been touched etc.!!! OK I can’t give everything away, stay tuned for my next blog about Emily, better yet come out and experience it for yourself.
Hope to see you in the hearse soon.

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