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Guest’s Experience on the Haunted St. Augustine Tour

I have taken this tour twice in the last year and came away with amazing results.  The first time was back in September 2009.  We went to several stops along the way in which I would say were very “active”.  One such stop was the Old Sanchez Mortuary.  At this location, we experienced an interactive session with a spirit.  Using the K2 meter (EMF detector), we spotted activity on the premises.  Jamie (one of the tour guides) and I started a Q&A session with yes and no questions when her K2 meter responded.  At this time, Harry (tour guide) took pictures and spotted an orb situated between Jamie and I.  After our “session”, we determined that the spirit was that of a six year old girl named Sarah.  She died in the 1800’s of yellow fever.  History dictates that there was a yellow fever outbreak in St. Augustine in the 1800’s.  Afterwards, Jamie convinced Sarah that it was time to cross over.  After a short discussion, the meter no longer responded.  This I suppose means that Sarah did cross over.
The next stop on the tour was at one of the local cemeteries.  As we stood at the entrance, I felt a light touch on my hand.  Jamie and Harry (tour guides) also were touched. Some interesting photos were also taken from there. (Possible orbs).
Our last stop along the way was the famous Castillo De San Marcos fort.  On the east side of the fort, there is what I call the “execution wall”.  Once there, Jamie’s meter was registering off the chart.  This happened continually for several minutes.  She felt her wrist being grabbed tightly and asked the spirit to loosen his grip.  The spirit responded.  After some questions, the spirit apparently was in shackles (waiting to be executed)?  We also felt cool spots along the wall of the fort.
My second visit to the tour did not disappoint me either.  On the first stop of the tour, we were at the old Spanish Courtyard.  While the tour guide was talking, I caught a shadow figure along the fence out of the corner of my eye but could not prove it.  Upon investigation of the place, I started taking pictures.  One of the pictures turned out to be that of a large orb floating atop the fence.  There is a lot of history here so anything is possible.
Next stop was the same old cemetery as my last visit. While standing at the entrance looking in, I felt like someone took a finger and poked me in the middle of my chest.  I was standing under an oak tree that was dropping acorns.  I was wearing a heavy sweatshirt at the time and the poke was prominent.  An acorn would be too light for me to feel.  Maybe the spirits there recognized me?
All in all, I had a great time.  If you are glued to your TV sets watching TAPS, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters International, Haunted Homes, etc and would like to have similar type experiences, then this tour is for you.
Happy Hunting,

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