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Story of a Haunted Hearse Part 2

Welcome back to those of you who have been waiting on the next blog, and welcome to those of you who are joining us for the first time. Well as promised I will tell you about Emily. You know about how we have psychics in the hearse allot. Well we keep getting the same thing over and over almost as often as “Frank”!!! This time it’s not a man or even an adult. It’s a six year old girl named Emily. Emily has been caught on many EVP sessions in our 1974 hearse.Things have been moving around allot including my hair. My ponytail to be more accurate. I went to get out of the hearse one night to close it up for the night when something pulled my hair. I chocked it up to it got caught on the seat or I leaned on it as I was getting out and didn’t give it another thought. As i was going around to lock the doors , and make sure no one had left anything behind I heard what sounded like someone humming the song Silent Night. Thought that was unusual for September.
Looked around and no one was anywhere around. Went to the back of the hearse straightened up the back , and again heard the humming again. Finished, what I was doing but was very curious as to what was going on. When I was on my way home I couldn’t get the event out of my head. I decided that the next night I was going to sing Silent Night in the hearse before I got out for the night. I did exactly that and heard nothing. I must admit I was disappointed. A few weeks later I had a Total Paranormal tour with 4 wonderful ladies. One who was psychic she up and tells me in the middle of the tour that there is a six year old little girl named Emily in the Hearse, and she is glad I am the driver. Even more she is happy that I sing her Silent Night every night before I leave. I haven’t mentioned that to anyone before. That night on an EVP they caught what sounds like a little girl humming and giggling. It was amazing. I still to this day sing Silent Night
every time I park the Hearse no matter which one I am in. Just in case she decides to follow. People have caught pictures that look like a child size figure on several occasions. This tour is an experience like no other. You never know what is going to happen on these tours.
Once again I hope to see you in the Hearse. Jeannine

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