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This was not a spider

Ahhhh, she screamed inside the haunted building. What made her scream was a light touch to her foot. She described that if felt as if her foot was was wrapped in spiderweb. Then it felt like it had a light burn on her skin. Our guide turned on the lights and her ankle looked like it was bruised. It clearly was red. No spider web – insects or any other explanation could be made. There was no mark as if she had been bitten by an insect. The redness disappeared later that same night after she left the building. Right before she felt this thing on her ankle, her sister-in-law had put her engagement ring on the table and asked if the ghost could make it turn. It did! It turned about half a turn and all the K2 EMF meters lit up as christmas trees! This happened on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle in the haunted upstairs of the pub. Mr. Ed was the tour guide and our Assistant Store Manager Gina Hillis was also on the tour and witnessed this.

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