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15 years since GhoSt Augustine's doors opened May 25th 2001

Today it’s 15 years since GhoSt Augustine opened for business! The tours will be running as usual, but between 4-7:30 pm our main store will be closed between 4-7:30 pm since we are having a small celebration among the staff. Who was the first person that came in to the store at the original 123 St. George Street store? I don’t know his name but I was happy that someone finally did enter since I had had the door open for hours without a single person coming in. There was a person standing just outside the store and I bated him with that he would make history if he just walked over that threshold. He walked over the threshold and then out again. Pretty anticlimactic. But he broke the ice and got the party started! The sale finally came for a dollar + tax! We still have the first dollar bill at our store at 123 St. George Street. What was the till for that first day Friday May 25th, 2001? $3.21. The street number 123 in reverse! Spooky…..

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