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Ghost says hi and gives a personal good bye greeting caught on EVP

On the Haunted St. Augustine tour inside the Antique shop in the backroom – the closet / storage area – our Guide Rick and the tour group used the P-SB7 and a Voice Recorder to catch EVP’s and there’s a girl named Morgan in the tour group. It sounds like a voice is coming through saying it’s name is Everett (sounds like) and then when the group greets him he responds ‘Hi!” and Morgan says in the end “It was nice talking to you” and a response is recorded on the Voice Recorder that comes through as ” And you Mooorgaaan”. Morgan took a selfie and there is a strange mist across her face and one can make out two faces in front of her and one it looks like he is wearing a hood – like   munks used to do. We have the EVP’s and the photos will come up on fb soon. For some reason I can not post photos here.

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