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Mysterious scratch marks

Tour guest’s leg mysteriously scratched on our Everdark Express tour. This happened this past Saturday. First he felt something brushing against his leg and then a burning feeling on his leg. When he looked there were 3 long scratches on his leg. It is generally believed to be representing a mocking of the holy trinity. A couple of weeks ago our tour guide Davis also received these 3 scratches on his leg – but higher up – on his thigh.These 3 scratch marks also appeared after first feeling a burning feeling. He also felt something putting pressure on his shoulders as he was sitting down doing an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) session. Like someone was leaning on him – pushing him down in the chair. Both these scratchings happened inside the 2nd haunted building on the Everdark Express. If you look on our facebook page history under October 2014 you will see a picture of of the same scratch marks on another tour guest that happened in the same building. It is also interesting that every time knockings are being heard inside this building – it is always 3 knocks. Please check out our facebook page to see the picture from this past Saturday 3-28-2015 with photo evidence of the scratch marks. Follow us!

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