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Child ghost playing at the St. Augustine Lighthouse park

The date was 6-6-16 and it happened on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle tour. GhoSt Augustine tour guide Matt describes the haunted activity:  At the Lighthouse park, a lady on the tour passed under a massive oak tree branch and she could feel her hair lifted up with a bit of a pull. Shortly after, at the playground 1 of the swings bagged down in the middle as if someone sat on it. And then it began to swing, just a few inches. It was enough to be noticeable though and it went on for three to four minutes. The tour guests and Matt attempted to film the action but none of their cams would function. Their cams had worked perfectly a little shortly before. Interesting is that it is well documented for spirits to be fuel up on energy by draining electronic equipment of batteries. And the playground activity and and a woman’s hair getting pulled co-relates with the well known haunting of the girls that haunts the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the playground and overall area in the Lighthouse park. The girls like to play around, being pranksters and are drawn to females. Men normally don’t get to have as frequent ghostly experiences with the female child ghosts. This all happened approximately 1 am  6-6-16.

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