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The Huguenot Cemetery: St.Augustine’s Spirit Central

When it comes to haunted spots, few places can rival this oldest graveyard of the oldest city in America. Nestled amidst one of the busiest areas of St. Augustine, Florida, this ancient burial ground has long been associated with paranormal encounters and ghostly sightings. Upon stepping foot in this final resting place there is a sense of eerie calm that permeates the air. The moss-draped oak trees cast shadows over the tombstones that stand as silent sentinels of the memories of those long departed. Today we will go over the history and hauntings of this beautiful haunted site.

A Historical Legacy


Established in 1821, the graveyard is located outside of the City Gates. There was a growing need for a public burial ground for the city’s Protestants, as the only Catholic burial ground was the Tolomato Cemetery. There are no French Huegonots buried on these grounds, despite the name. The name Huguenot was at the time synonymous with “non-Catholic”, and thus was the name given to the site.


The cemetery opened right before a devastating yellow fever epidemic gripped the town, and burials started happening at an alarming rate. The yellow fever, called “yellow jack” by locals, killed so frequently that they stopped ringing church bells for each death- lest the bells ring all day and night. The graveyard was closed in 1884, and holds at least 436 bodies.


Spirits Among Us


The Huguenot Cemetery has its fair share of hauntings and spooky tales. One such story revolves around the ghost of a young girl named Elizabeth, who is said to wander among the graves, her mournful cries echoing through the night. Visitors claim to have seen her apparition, a translucent figure clad in a flowing white gown, often vanishing as mysteriously as she appears. 


Another apparition is that of the famous Judge Stickney. The judge was buried here in1882,  later to be exhumed and moved to Massachusetts. The gravediggers however had taken a break after exhuming the judge, and came back to find that robbers had stolen his gold teeth. Legend has it that the spirit of the judge lingers, appearing to people as a tall figure in a black hat.


Won’t You Join Us?


The Huguenot Cemetery stands as a testament to the thin  veil between the living and the dead. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there’s no denying the enigmatic charm that shrouds this burial ground. Join us for a Deadwalk or a Haunted St. Augustine walking tour, where we take you to the creepiest and most haunted corners of the Ancient City. Embrace the eerie atmosphere, listen closely to our guides, and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of one of the Ancient City’s permanent residents yourself.

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