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June Para Pic Contest Winners!

an old photo of a person

Our honorable mention is a Floridian named Hector.


He joined us for a Deadwalk and he and his cousin felt something while passing a specific spot on this street. The building drew their attention and they could not keep their eyes off of it. The SB7 they had with them said “yes you felt me”. Hector’s cousin took this photo moments moments later since Hector had called out “snap a shot, I feel like someone is on my left side”. Can you see the orb beside him in the photo below, as if accompanying him down the road? Congratulations Hector! We hope you are enjoying your dowsing rods!

a person walking down a street next to a building

Our runner up is Lori! 

Lori was part of a group investigating our haunted house when she took this picture and captured a shadow figure. We tried to recreate this image multiple times to see if the shadow could have come from a person in the house. We found it impossible to recreate. We tried multiple cameras and angles and we could recreate it. This shadow could be that of one of our spirits that sometimes make an appearance on our SLS camera. Congratulations Lori, we hope you are enjoying your Digital Voice Recorder!

a group of people in a room

Our grand prize winner is Denise Scangarello.


She seemingly captured a picture of the prominent St. Augustine resident Athalia Lindsely at the spot where she was murdered in 1974. Denise was on our Dead Walk ghost tour and was with her group near a particular home on Marine Street (disclaimer – not all DW guides venture all the way down here – our new Electric Vehicle riding tour – The Shadow Ride – will though). She had just listened to her guide tell the story of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, a woman who was brutally murdered on her front steps and the killer was never caught. Says Denise: “I remember thinking that it was such a sad story and that it was nice that she has not been forgotten. I also wondered what the family that currently resides there thinks about living in a home where there was a famous murder and no arrest made (and tour groups pass and stare!)” As she rushed to catch up with the group, she decided to take a quick picture of the house. Check them out.a bird sitting on the side of a building

Do you see it? Look closer.

a close up of a brick buildingan old photo of a person


The photo on the right is one of a younger Athalia. Denise’s photo shows the face of a young woman, greatly resembling that of a younger Athalia. It also appears as the position of her body in the paranormal photo is in the same angle as in the crime scene photo. It also looks like her body in the para photo is covered by something that resembles a sheet. 


Congratulations Denise, we hope you are enjoying your grand prize of an Authentic K2 Meter


Join our monthly ParaPic Contest! 

Read how here and see if you can capture a spirit AND a great prize! Check out our investigations and our ghost tours, and maybe you can catch a spirit and a grand prize for yourself!

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