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May 2023 Para-Pic Winner!

The May winner for our ParaPic contest is Heath Wise! Heath and his group joined us for a midnight Para4ce Investigation. During the investigation, he had luck with dowsing rods and noticed lots of orb activity. He took the following photo in our haunted house that night.


a man standing in a room


Didn’t see it? Look a little closer:

a person in a dark room


The apparition appears to the left- Enhancing further shows this more clearly.

Our team painstakingly attempted to recreate this phenomena using the various equipment available on the Para4ce Investigations, angles, times of day, and camera settings on various phones and cameras, and were unable to debunk this spectral appearance.


Do you want to try your hand at capturing your own spirit on camera? Join us for a paranormal immersion or ghost tour. We have walking and riding tours and also an experience where you stay put on a paranormal investigation in a haunted house. Feeling more for a lighthearted fun ghostly night? Then join us on our famous Original Haunted Pub Tour which turns 21 years this fall!  Send us the photos you suspect may contain a ghost, and our team will analyze them. If your photo is chosen, you could bring home a great prize!

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