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Ghost of Tim tells us his age on the Dead Walk this past week

On the Dead Walk Tour this past week, our guide was using the P-SB7 (spirit voice box that transmits voices of ghosts) at the famously haunted old Antique store. There is a child ghost named Tim that our ghost tour group was interacting with and he was asked how old he is and the entire group could clearly hear a boy’s voice coming through saying “eight”! If you want to experience the ghosts of St. Augsutine, you will optimize your chances of experiencing them for real on our tours since paranormal phenomena and close ghost encounters happens frequently on our haunted tours.
The P-SB7 Spirit Box can be bought at our web-site  and also at our main store at 162 St. George Street, Ste 19.   There is a link to our online ghost shop at top of the home page from this site you are on now (that is – look for SHOP OUR GHOST HUNTERS STORE icon.

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