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Ghost shuts off the lights at closed off haunted top floor

Recently on our Dead Walk tour:  At the former Ponce de Leon Hotel  our guide  spots the top floor lights turned on. This is an area that is closed off due to the paranormal activity on that floor. As she tells this to the tour group that those lights should not be on and that floor is not accessible – the lights turns off at once!  Amazing stuff happens all the time on our tours!
The former Ponce de Leon is since 1968 Flagler College. It was completed in 1888 and a project by Henry Flagler. It was the first first luxury hotel and resort in Florida and Mr. Flagler brought down the railroad here so that the rich and famous could come down here and spend the winter season in Florida’s mild climate. He continued to build the railroad all the way down to Key West. Mr. Flagler’s remains rests along his first wife and daughter in St. Augustine at the Grace Methodist Church just north of his grand hotel. Students at Flagler College frequently report paranormal activity – especially in the dorms – which are just below that top floor.
The Dead Walk is a fantastic walking ghost tour with focus on St. Augustine’s south side,  which is the oldest intact remaining part and most creepy part of St. Augustine. Currently we enter a famous haunted building on the tour and everyone gets to use a ghost detector throughout the tour.

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