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Child ghosts interaction at playground on the Everdark Express tour

Child ghosts played with our tour guests! Christy McCranie Hemphill contacting us this month retelling the experience and sharing the photo. This is what she and her husband experienced on our Everdark Express SS ghost tour at St. Augustine Lighthouse Park in April of 2015 at about 2 am. “We played chase with the girl ghosts and we could hear their footsteps running around. We could hear them even when we all stood still. We asked them if they wanted to be pushed on the swings and the swings would start to move by themselves! We could feel their weight as we pushed them. While my husband pushed one and I the other we heard the footsteps of a third one that ran up to me and touched me! We felt a very happy feeling. But when we said goodnight and started to walk away there was a heavy feeling of sadness.” It is well documented in books, TV shows and often experienced on our tours that there are three female child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park. Typically, they interact the most with women and girls around their own age – about 10-12 years old. Come out on the Everdark Express ghost tour of St. Augustine with us to learn more and experience true paranormal activity!
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