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Woman at the Mission

One of my favorite places to take a walk in the evenings is the Mission Grounds. It is a most beautiful place to enjoy peace and quiet away from reality. As I was walking through the cemetery for some reason the door on the Chapel caught my eye. It looked like they had either installed a new door or had stained the old one. For some reason I was drawn to it. I touched the door to see if the stain was still wet and it felt like it had been there for years, but something looked different.
I had never noticed a slight gap between the two doors and decided to peek in. I could see a candle on the mantel lit, which I thought was rather strange since it was after hours and everything was locked up tight. Why would they leave a candle lit all night? As I was gazing at the candle a woman in a white havoc walked over in front of the altar, and knelt down. She was totally transparent and I could tell without a doubt she was a nun and she was praying. I stood there looking at her not believing what I was seeing and totally amazed at the same time.
As I was watching her with her head bowed and hands clasped I heard woman walking around the trail coming towards the chapel. As I heard them, so did the spirit in the chapel. She rose up, crossed herself and turned to leave and she just vanished! I just stood there for a second not really believing what I saw because she was an intelligent haunt, not residual. She actually heard them coming and when she did she left. Apparently she didn’t mind me being there because I respected.
Hopefully my next even walk I will encounter her again. I hope to one day find out who she is.
Manager, GhoSt  Augustine

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