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Another Story From the Hearse

Taking a tour in a hearse is always an adventure. You have the excitement of riding (usually for the first time) in a vintage hearse, the opportunity to explore narrow streets that are not part of the main stream tourist areas of downtown and the possibility of encountering an entity! With all those things combined with the anticipation of the evening, throw in a real EMF-meter and an experienced licensed guide and it adds up to a night of fun!
I have had some evenings where honestly we had no activity and other nights when every step was met with cold spots, orbs in every picture and even full apportions of a cat and “something  peering” at us from the top of the Lighthouse! I have encountered what I can only assume is George Potter at the back of A-1-A Ale works. A-1-A use to be Potters Wax Museum.   (I was telling a story about O.C. Whites when the K-2 meters were going crazy with spikes.I said hang on George, I will get to you as soon as I finish this story and the meters STOPED spiking!) I have heard footsteps following us at the Lighthouse, saw something I can’t explain in the National Cemetery and witnessed countless guests experience “chill bumps”
So what do you need to do to have a great night “investigating”? You need to start with an open mind. Being “skeptical” is fine! In fact I encourage it! But be open to the possibility that there is something more to the here and now. Bring a camera and extra batteries. There are times when camera batteries have been drained. Share your own personal stories and ask your guide questions. We may not have the answers but we love the opportunity to hear your experiences and share ours!
Remember what we do is not theatrical, no one is going to try and scare you, we don’t dress up in costume, and we use the same tools that Ghost Hunters and TAPS use. Our tours are about education, history and making sure what ever experience you have is authentic. If there are power lines that are making your meters spike, we will tell you! This tour is the real deal!
I look forward to seeing you in the back of my hearse!

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