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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was a notorious event that occurred on February 14, 1929, in Chicago, Illinois. It was a brutal confrontation between rival criminal gangs led by Al Capone and George “Bugs” Moran during the prohibition era. Seven members of Moran’s gang were lined up against a wall and executed by men disguised as police officers. This event is often considered one of the bloodiest incidents in the history of organized crime in the United States.

The building was demolished in 1967, and the spot the building was is now a yard for an apartment complex. However, the bricks were saved. The bricks that made up the wall the men were stood against became objects of morbid curiosity. They passed through the hands of curio collectors and curious parties. Several who owned the bricks claimed they were cursed, and experienced accidents and other misfortunes while the bricks were in their possession. Later, the bricks were collected and reassembled into a display wall at a museum dedicated to organized crime. Some guests report hearing faint gunshots and thuds, as if something heavy is hitting the floor.

The site itself is not without paranormal energy. The site where the massacre occurred is now an empty lot, and the city of Chicago claims nothing will be built there again. Residents report similar noises to that of the museum, with their dogs barking uncontrollably at the spot as well.

After the incident, Al Capone is said to have been haunted by one of the victims of the massacre. It was never proven Capone ordered the killings, but it is widely believed that he was behind the massacre. After Capone was arrested for a carrying a concealed firearm, he would shout out in his sleep to be left alone by a spirit named Jimmy- the same name of one of the victims. After his release, he would continue to be haunted by Jimmy, with his bodyguards reporting that he would shriek and cry out against Jimmy in the middle of the night. Capone eventually would succumb to illness, followed by the ghost of Jimmy the entire time. 

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