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Lovers in the Walls


The story of lovers entombed within the walls of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida, is a haunting tale that has captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. Legend has it that during the construction of the fortress in the late 17th century, a young Spanish soldier stationed at the Castillo fell deeply in love with the wife of an officer. Their love was forbidden. 

The officer would smell his wife’s distinctive perfume on the uniform of the solder, and flew into a jealous rage. Very soon after, his wife and the soldier had disappeared. The officer stated that his wife left St. Augustine, and the soldier was on a special mission. No one doubted him, although their disappearance was perplexing to many. 

Many years later, a hollow spot in a wall was uncovered. As the bricks were knocked down, a distinctive perfume flowed out- and two skeletons were nestled in the hollow wall, locked in an embrace. While it was never proven that the skeletons were those of the missing lovers, why else would they be in the wall?

To this day, visitors catch whiffs of distinctive, floral perfume on the grounds of the Castillo de San Marcos.

Though the exact identity of the lovers remains shrouded in mystery, their tragic tale serves as a poignant reminder of the power of love and the enduring legacy of the past. And as night falls over the Castillo de San Marcos, their spirits continue to roam, eternally bound to the fortress that became their final resting place.

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