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Phone Call…from the hearse?!

One night 3 of our GhoSt Augustine tour guides and myself were standing around our 1974 Hearse, Tariqa. We were just discussing the tours, the paranormal events, and of course the hearses. The hearse driver that evening was Brandy and she had her personal things setting inside the hearse, including her cell phone.  We finished our conversation of about 20 minutes and all went our separate ways when Tina, another hearse driver called Brandy. She was like “Sorry I missed your call, what’s up?” Brandy was a little confused and asked Tina what the heck she was talking about. Tina said, “You called me three times!” Brandy told Tina how she had been standing around talking and her phone was in the car. They both started laughing and realized, duh! The phone was inside the hearse, apparently Tariqa called Tina wanting her to get in on the conversation. Weird things like that often happen around here 🙂 Needless to say the hearse is haunted and she has a mind of her own.
Join us for our St. Augustine Ghost Tour, in a HEARSE!
Jamie Roush
Manager GhoSt Augustine

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