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More Stories from Our Haunted Hearse!

I am sure you have already read Jeannine’s experience with Frank in our 1990 Hearse?! Well, I have had my own experience!!
One day I took Frankie (the hearse) to run some errands for the store when my cell phone rang. As I was talking on the phone the person on the other end kept asking who was in the car with me. I replied no one and they insisted that there was a man in the car with me. They said they could hear him talking but couldn’t make anything out that he was saying. When I arrived at the store, I got out of the car and heading into the store. The person on the phone asked, “Where did he go?” I was like, “Who!?” They still swore that someone had been with me and when I got out of the hearse the voice stopped.
This happened yet again when I left the store. I had to make a phone call and the person I was on the phone with wanted to know who was with me. I never heard anything but whoever I was on the phone with clearly heard a man’s voice. If it had been interception on the cell phone it wouldn’t have only occurred in the hearse!
Another experience while driving Frankie is seeing an elderly gentleman, in his mid 70’s, in the back of the hearse. I have only seen him in the rearview mirror and when I turn around to see if there is really someone in the car with me, there is clearly no one there. One night when following Jeannine, in the hearse, back to base I clearly saw a man setting in the back while she was driving. I called her to let her know she had company and she never saw a thing.
There are so many more stories to share about our 1990 hearse Frankie but I want you to come and experience them for yourself on our tour.

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