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A Hearse Driver's Story about the Kenwood Inn

The Kenwood Inn has a very unusual history of haunting. First off let’s talk about Lavender. She was a beautiful woman staying at the Kenwood Inn in the late 1800’s –early 1900’s. She was staying there because she was having an affair with a prominent Dr in the area. She was desperately in love with him, and wanted nothing more than to have him for herself. She begged and pleaded with him to leave his wife, but he refused. He knew that doing so would ruin his stature in the area so he refused. Lavender gave him an ultimatum either he told his wife or else she was going to. She also said that she would go through town and tell everyone that would listen thus ruining him. He couldn’t allow this to happen, but how to stop her. That very moment he stabbed her to death in that very room. We have had many people on our tours that stay in the inn, one couple wanted to share with us the events that had happened to them the last time they stayed there. The wife had reported seeing a woman walking from her side of the bed to her husbands; she would stand there for a moment then vanish. This went on for the first few nights. He however said he saw nothing. Finally on day three of their stay he was waked up by someone caressing his face and a woman’s voice saying”I love you and I will never leave you.” He thought this was his wife, and rolled over to say “I love you too” only to have her snoring in his face. He then saw a woman walking around the bed and toward the door then she vanished!
There is more to come on the Kenwood Inn………………
Once again I hope to see you in the Hearse. Jeannine

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