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Haunted Happenings

There is never a dull week at the haunted Dixie house! And they don’t always happen during paranormal investigations. 


Our support staff often visits the Dixie house during the day for routine tasks. Our permanent residents this week made themselves known in a variety of ways while our staff was present. There were several unexplained thumps and footsteps over a series of several days. In each instance, our team did their best to find an explanation for the thumps, but were not able to find a satisfactory answer. They then set to work to attempt to recreate the exact sound, but once again were unable to replicate the sound.


One loud thump came from the kitchen area. Staff reported that it sounded like something fell over- but when they checked it out, everything was standing as it should and everything was in its place. They tried tipping things over, tapping on the walls, and even attempted to stomp on the floor in different spots to see if the sound could be recreated, and were unsuccessful. 


Another memorable incident was when an employee was checking her email at the table in the dining room, and heard what sounded like a pop from the far corner. She and another employee immediately checked out the corner and checked any objects to see of anything could have caused the noise, to no success.


Perhaps the strangest incident was an appearing and disappearing smell of incense or musk. Throughout the house there was an earthy, musky, but pleasant smell that would appear and disappear throughout the day. At times it was very strong, and other times it was very faint. The team searched up and down for any explanation, but none was found. The smell was completely gone by the next day.


If you’d like to explore the Dixie house yourself, why not join us for a Para4ce Investigation?a close up of a light

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