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Common Types of Hauntings

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Not all hauntings are the same. If you’ve ever wondered about the various kinds of hauntings that you can encounter on a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation, look no further. Here we explain the most common kinds of hauntings.


Residual Hauntings


Residual hauntings are the remnants of bygone eras, where the spirits replay events like a ghostly tape recorder. These spirits cannot interact, they are repeating the same motion over and over, like an imprint on time. 


Intelligent Hauntings


Unlike residual hauntings, intelligent hauntings involve entities that are aware of the living and can interact with them. These spirits may communicate through various means, such as moving objects, making sounds, or even manifesting as full-bodied apparitions. The stories of haunted houses often involve intelligent hauntings.


Poltergeist Activity


The term “poltergeist” translates to “noisy ghost,” and these entities are known for their mischievous behavior. Poltergeists can manipulate physical objects, create loud noises, and sometimes even cause harm. The source of this activity is believed to be the energy of a living individual rather than a traditional ghost.


Shadow People


Shadow people are dark, shadowy figures often reported in peripheral vision. Witnesses describe them as humanoid silhouettes that move quickly and disappear when directly looked at. The nature and origin of shadow people remain a mystery, fueling speculation about their intentions.




Doppelgängers are entities that mimic the appearance of living individuals. Encounters with doppelgängers are often eerie and can be harbingers of impending misfortune or even death. The folklore surrounding doppelgängers is diverse, with different cultures interpreting them in various ways.


Haunted Objects


Not all hauntings are confined to locations. Some entities attach themselves to objects, creating what is known as haunted or cursed items. These objects are said to bring bad luck, misfortune, or even tragedy to those who possess them.


The world of hauntings is as diverse as the human experience itself. Whether residual echoes, intelligent entities, mischievous poltergeists, shadowy figures, doppelgängers, or haunted objects, these supernatural phenomena continue to captivate our imagination. As we navigate through the mysteries of the paranormal, the question remains: Are these encounters glimpses into the afterlife, manifestations of unfulfilled energy? 


If you feel brave enough to search for answers yourself, join us! We offer something for everyone- from paranormal investigations to walking ghost tours.

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