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Ghost Putting on the Pressure!

Pressured to believe in ghosts by a ghost!!! That’s what happened to our tour guest this past Thursday, April 2nd, on our late night departure of the Everdark Express tour. He was a non-believer in ghosts and a large strong man. Still, inside the second haunted building we enter, his head got pushed down from the back by what he said felt like a big hand. The pressure was so intense that it brought tears to this burley man’s eyes. Once he got out of the building it went away. He swore to never go back in there again. We asked the ghost: Did you not like Eric? The response came immediately. Our K2 EMF meter lit up all its lights to red and the SB7 Spirit Box picked up a voice that said: “WRONG WITH HIM”. Maybe the ghost did not like that he was a non-believer in ghosts? He is a ghost believer now though…. There was also a lady in the tour group that felt bad while inside the building and better once she left. Personally, I always feel a weird, confused, and disoriented feeling (slight vertigo) in the building – and I’m one of the least in tuned people to pick up paranormal activity using my senses. Most of our staff independently describe similar feelings in there and sensitives always pick the ghosts out and even see them. Some never want to go in there again. (I changed the name of our burley tour guest to protect his privacy). Reported by Jonas Brihammar

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