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2 Shadow Figures seen on 2 tours the same night!

Shadow figure seen at 2 locations the same night! Date: Wednesday April 8. Places: Fort North Side Wall and inside 7 Aviles Street. Those are 2 famously haunted spots in St. Augustine, FL. The whole tour group on our Haunted St. Augustine tour saw a shadow figure apparition at the Fort North Side Wall. The Shadow Figure looked like a man wearing a hat standing with his hands on his hips and a sword hanging by his side. Simultaneously the K2 EMF meters were spiking in the hands of our tour guests. This indicates a sudden erratic increase in Electromagnetic Fields and had no natural explanation. There were no people anywhere close to the wall that could have caused the shadow and certainly no one with a sword dangling. On our Dead Walk tour, inside 7 Aviles Street, suddenly a shadow figure of a man was standing in the doorway to the library. Again all the tour guests saw it. In both cases the apparitions disappeared within moments. Everyone was extremely excited but sorry they were not quicker with snapping photos. (The Fort is officially called Castillo de San Marcos and was completed in 1695 by the Spanish. It is the biggest tourist attraction in St. Augustine, FL and has long been known to be extremely haunted. Under the 14 years we have conducted the Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Investigations tours we have had hundreds of sightings of apparitions at the Castillo, the cemeteries and other locations. 7 Aviles Street currently hosts the Antiques & Uniques store and has been featured on TV’s My Ghost Story for its paranormal activity. We enter there every night and we have tons of paranormal activity occurring). Come out and join us and have your own haunted experience in St. Augustine, FL – America’s oldest city and one of the most haunted of places!

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