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Ghostly Goings On at the Lighthouse and City Gate!

Happy New Year! Its your happy ghost hostess, Tracy, signing on to tell you that there have been some exciting happenings here in America’s Most Haunted City this holiday season. We have been seeing increased activity at the Lighthouse, and the Castillo de San Marcos on our Haunted St. Augustine Tours, and Hearse Rides. I’ll start with my own eye witness testimony, and move onto some incredible sighting’s from Eddie, our hearse driver.
As many of you know, St. Augustine was subject to several serious epidemics, that claimed the lives of many young people. As a result, some of our spirits in resident are young and of the playful, friendly sort….I realize, this may disappoint some of you! However, we get a lot of interaction out of them, and through the use of our KII meters we are able to ask simple “yes” and “no” questions, for intelligent responses. We have gotten KII spikes at the Prince of Wales restaurant in tandem with a noise from the inside of the house when all was closed and dark, at the Tolomado Cemetery in front of the grave of five year old James in response to the promise of a peppermint, and at the Huguenot Cemetery whenever I mention people being buried alive. Join one of our tours one night, and you are very likely to witness some of this phenomena yourself!
Next, on report from Eddie, our Haunted Hearse driver, the activity at the lighthouse has been increasing….All I can tell you is that if you plan a hearse ride prepare to delve into some of St. Augustine’s dark history. Eddie has reported increased activity in the woods surrounding the lighthouse including KII activity which he believes to be children, and dark shadows moving through the trees. We are currently investigating the origins of these shadows as we are reasonably sure they are not the spirits that we have encountered before. We’ll keep you updated on that.
Meanwhile, we have several pictures to share that were taken by a tour guest. There are two photo that have what appear to be a strange mist in them. I was out that night and can verify that the atmospheric conditions were dry, clear and warm. In addition, we had no smokers in the area. The other two are of possible apparitions. The figures on the tree could be the spirits of Mary and Eliza who perished in an accident at the lighthouse. They are known for being spotted on that tree. The other is taken at the city gate, and appears to be a grainy figure. I was present when this photo was taken and no one was in the area where the figure appears.  We don’t claim that they are “paranormal” but consider the possibility and let us know what you think!
All photo credits go to Alex Wins

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