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Famous Paranormal Investigators

an old photo of Harry Price

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the paranormal. From ghost stories to haunted houses, the idea of the supernatural has always been a source of intrigue and mystery. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in paranormal research and technological development, with more and more people using advanced equipment and more sophisticated techniques to investigate the unknown and unexplained. Here is a short list of some of the most noted personalities in the paranormal field and key lessons from them.


Harry Price

Harry Price was a well-known paranormal investigator in the early 20th century. His investigations and brief residence at the Borley Rectory ( which at the time was thought to be England’s most haunted home) launched him into fame. He published a book about his investigations and experiences, which later came under scrutiny.  Known for his skepticism, Price thought that natural causes might explain many paranormal occurrences. This trademark skepticism led him to debunk a number of mediums in the spiritualist movements of the time period. He also recorded his studies using cutting-edge tools like cameras and recorders. Harry Price left an incredible legacy and  has taught us the value of objectivity and skepticism in paranormal investigation. We can avoid falling for ruses and misinterpretations by approaching investigations critically. Harry Price is proof that one can firmly believe in the paranormal while searching for scientific proof.


Lesson: Use a variety of equipment to collect evidence, and don’t be afraid to ask questions


Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren, rose to popularity In the 1970s and 1980s. Self-taught demonologists, clairvoyants, and mediums, Ed and Lorraine conducted paranormal investigations, ran an occult museum out of their home, and trained budding demonologists. They have worked on several famous haunted homes and objects, but they are best known for their roles in the Amityville Horror case and the inspiration behind The Conjuring franchise, both of which arguably helped launch modern interest in the paranormal. The Warrens were ardent Catholics who believed that many paranormal occurrences resulted from satanic forces. They frequently used religious items like crucifixes and holy water in their investigations. The Warrens teach us the value of having a defined belief system when performing paranormal investigation. A framework, whether a religious conviction or a scientific method, can help us make sense of the phenomena we meet.


Lesson: Incorporate psychic abilities and exising belief iinto investigations.


John Zaffis

Paranormal investigator and nephew of The Warrens, John Zaffis has spent over 40 years investigating haunting locations and objects. He has been engaged in many cases that the Warrens have worked with. Zaffis is renowned for using cutting-edge tools, including infrared cameras and EMF meters, and his aptitude for disproving urban legends, in addition to working with well known exorcists, priests, rabbis, and other religious figures. John Zaffis is widely considred one of the leading authorities on the paranormal today. 

Lesson: how crucial it is to use technology to record paranormal events. We can acquire information with the use of cutting-edge technology to assist us in comprehending the nature of the supernatural.


Hans Holzer

Hans Holzer was an Austrian-American author and researcher who wrote over 120 books on the paranormal and taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology. He’s often credited with being the first American ghost hunter, as well as coining the term “ghost hunter”. He was known for his investigation of haunted houses (including the Amityville house) and his use of psychics. Holzer was also a proponent of past-life regression and reincarnation, and his daughter continues his work to this day. 

Lesson: Be open-minded to different approaches to paranormal research.


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