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Birth And Lucid Consciousness by: Dr. Harry Stafford

A Solnia Session:
Physical consciousness is only one stage, albeit an important one, of your birth into consciousness.  You do not denigrate the cocoon because the butterfly emerges.  In a real sense, physical embodiment and existence are a cocoon from which you will emerge as a conscious being.  The body of consciousness you need is formed in your physical lifetimes.  From the standpoint of your soul, physical reincarnations and probabilities are simultaneous.  You can and do have more than one dream simultaneously at times. Likewise, your physically focused lives and activities are simultaneous.  They constitute the cocoon or womb from which the fully conscious self emerges.  You may use various metaphors as you prefer, but in greater terms you are not fully born, nor are you truly free, until you emerge into lucid consciousness.
Your soul – your source – is awakened, and gives birth to the progeny of consciousness.  You grow into your soul and its freedom which is your own, even as your soul continues its expansion into infinity.  This expansion is not spatial as such, for space implies meaningful measurement relative to your physical position.  Infinity brackets not merely the limitations of physical space as you understand it, but all terms of physical measurement.  Infinity requires no space, and thus certainly is not limited by it.  Its “measure” is a qualitative one, signifying boundless creativity, freedom and diverse orders of being, encompassing, however, experiences that in your present understanding would seem to be non-being.
As you emerge into lucidness these conundrums will disappear, even as your species outgrew the paradoxes of a flat earth.  You now inhabit a round earth, and your growing awareness of it makes it more intimate to you.  Just so, though the emergence of lucid consciousness will expand your framework in truly infinite ways, your experience will become more intimate than anything you presently imagine.  That is because the more your consciousness expands, the more immediate and pervasive the presence of grace and prime values, and the more at home you are in your divine nature.  The field becomes more and more personal as you evolve, even as the personal becomes transpersonal in the field itself.  In a quite valid sense, your conception of separate, detached egos is not yet personal, for “personal” requires an intimate awareness of – and identity with – the living field.  To put it in simpler terms, “personal” means love – knowing the interdependent, sacred, living whole, present in every one of its expressions.  This is also grace.
©  Harry C.Stafford

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