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Latest Experience @ 123 St. George St.

The latest occurrence at our GhoSt Augustine Gift Shop at 123 St. George St. happened just this past week!!
One of the store owners was in the hallway alone early one morning preparing to open his store when he heard the alarm go off in the Sword Shop at the front of the hallway. He heard someone scurrying around in the store and moving things around and was sure someone was in there!! He looked through the door and windows and the sound stopped but the alarm continued to go off. It is a motion sensor alarm so something had been in there moving around to set it off. It wasn’t a mouse or anything like that, it was something much more. He started to go back to his store dreading the sound of the alarm when he heard something moving things and banging things against the wall. As soon as he went back to look in the window again it stopped!
Wonder who it could have been? I don’t think it was the female apparition who has been seen in the hall, but we have heard stories there is a male spirit there as well. You never know what may happen at our ghost shop or in that hallway. Join us for our Ghost Tour/ Hearse Ride one night and you may have an experience of your own while you are in the store!?

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