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Another blog entry from Dr. Harry Stafford

A new insightful blog entry from the Metaphysical World of GhoSt Augustine team member, Dr. Harry Stafford. Harry is a professor of Human Consciousness Studies and Founder of Haunted St. Augustine – our Paranormal Investigation Tour. After taken his PhD at FSU and Master of Divinity at Harvard, Dr. Stafford has been studying and educating in metaphysics, human consciousness studies and parapsychology for decades. He has also for 10 years been conducting GhoSt Augustine’s H.S.A. Paranormal Investigative Tour. Currently he leads the tour himself 5 nights per week.
The Divine knows itself as you, and that includes knowledge of your innermost thoughts and feelings, an awareness of their impact.  The Divine knows which of your beliefs spring from its own depths, and which do not.  The Divine encourages your awakening to this knowledge that is also yours.  This awakening is instrumental to your realization of your divine nature, and is itself part of the divine initiative of your being.  The Divine can only be present in every stage of your unfolding, and possesses an intimate awareness of your every gift, desire, need and challenge.  The Divine provides you with the infinite riches of itself. Thus you awaken to your boundless resources.  Your individuation is also part of your unification: there is no gap between your uniqueness and your integral field nature.  They are part of your wholeness and your oneness as divine expression.  The Divine is the heart of the process of your being always. This love is your eternal core.

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