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What you seek is already within you by Dr. Harry Stafford

A new insightful blog entry from the Metaphysical World of GhoSt Augustine team member Dr. Harry Stafford, professor of Human Consciousness Studies and Founder of Haunted St. Augustine – our Paranormal Investigation Tour. After taken his PhD at FSU and Master of Divinity at Harvard, Dr. Stafford has been studying and educating in metaphysics, human consciousness studies and parapsychology for decades. He has also for 10 years been conducting GhoSt Augustine’s H.S.A. Paranormal Investigative Tour. Currently he leads the tour himself 5 nights per week.
There is nothing that you seek that is not already established within you.  There are no substantive barriers to your realization, only illusions that by their very nature must dissipate.  The intention to release these illusions engages the process of doing so. You are on your path of awakening now.
Give your soul credit in this regard.  As divine expression, the soul is imbued with the plentitude of resources it needs for your unfolded awakening.  Before you ask, all that you need is given in infinite supply.  Ask freely, for you are transforming yourself now and always.
Remember, your wholeness is, established in the singular energy pattern that is the soul’s archetypal nature. Healing, then, is always aligning with the soul’s expression as you, including your immediate and perfect archetypal wholeness that subsists in the divine field of your source and substance.
Everything that you seek to experience and manifest in your life is already accomplished.  Each of you remembers an experience where you suddenly became aware of an issue or goal that once seemed impossible that is now resolved, filling you with relief and gratitude.  That is because there is no time in the soul’s reckoning, but only an expansive present.  In that present field you are already whole, perfect and complete – the gift of the Place of Birth in Consciousness.
You are divine manifestation.  There can be no gap between divine desire or conception and its accomplished expression.  Without this simultaneous field of fulfillment all goals or desires would remain the captives of time, illusory like the ever receding horizon.  In a vision that encompasses the whole earth there is no horizon. All points coexist simultaneously in the singular globe.  There is no horizon in the perfection of your being, only your unfolding wholeness. All of your soul desires coexist as one in the expansive present.
You are awakening to this knowledge because it is already within you. It is accurate to experience your divine fulfillment as accomplished fact, a gift of Being that underlies and pervades your own being. There are no deficits in the Divine or in any of its expressions. This is the modus operandi of all true prayer, healing, visualization or unfolding: realizing the infinite wholeness of prime values and the divine nature.
You need not invest yourself in shadows or appearances, for they are without substance and have no linkage to the field of being.  Fears, isolation motifs, imagined alienation, separation or conflict, are illusions propagated by unconsciousness.  All must fade, dissipating or evaporating in the light of being.  Prime values are the measure and test of what is real and eternal.
All of your true goals and desires – as well as your character and nature – are implanted in your heart by the Divine, bearing its signature, sustained and fulfilled in your divine nature.  There they already exist, whole and complete, finding expression in the journeys of your soul.  This is your archetypal perfection, lavish and ecstatic in its unfolding as you become what you are, carried by grace into the splendors of awakened consciousness that await your discovery. You are indeed greatly blessed
© Harry C. Stafford, 2011

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