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A Haunting Experience at Harry's

A few years ago I was hanging out with my friend walking around downtown St. Augustine. She knew I worked for GhoSt Augustine and asked me to take her to a haunted spot that was included on one of our tours. We just happened to be near Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille, a normal stop on the Haunted Pub Tour, so I brought her inside. She follwed me up the stair case to the second floor asking, “Where the heck are we going!?”
“Almost there”, I said as we walked down an ‘L’ shaped hallway before I pushed open the paint peeling door to the ladies restroom. “Oh, you have to go the restroom,” she said chuckling. I responded, “Actually, I don’t.” She looked confused.
I continued, “this is where Katalina’s bedroom was hundreds of years ago before the building became many other things, like Harry’s.” I continued telling her the tragic story of Katalina and watched as her eyes widened in excitement. She started calling Katalina tauntingly. We sat down on the wicker love seat waiting for something to happen. After about 10 minutes, I myself, was feeling very impatient and yelled out, “Katalina’s just afraid to meet new people! Forget this girl!” My friend joined in, “Yeah, what a coward!”
I added, “What a pathetic excuse for a haunting!” as we laughed ourselves out of the bathroom and on to other activities for the evening.
Quite a bit of time had passed from that night and since I had gone on the Haunted Pub Tour. One night, on a spur of the moment, I decided to go on the tour with an old boyfriend for some fun. We stopped at Harry’s and went up to the second floor where the tour guide went over the history to the group, including the tragedy of Katalina. While she was telling the story, I had a sudden urge to use the restroom. When I pushed opened the familiar paint peeling door, I had a flashback of that night with my friend and smiled. There was no one in the restroom and it was very quiet. After coming out of the stall I went over to the sink to wash my hands. After shutting off the faucet I realized the towel dispenser near me what out, so I had to walk to the other side of the room and use the other one. While pulling the paper towel off, I could hear the water running in the sink I had just used, behind me. I slowly turned around. The water pressure seemed
like it was increasing, or as if someone was turning the handle. I walked over to the sink. “Did I forget to turn the faucet off?” I asked myself before I realized that the water was up to full blast. I put my hand under the water to test its temperature before immediately yanking it away followed by an, “Ouch!” The water felt boiling hot! I quickly turned the handle and ran out of the bathroom back to the group. After seeing the horrid expression on my face the tour guide asked, “Are you ok?” I mumbled in disbelief, “She turned the hot water on- full blast.”
The tour guide laughed, “You must’ve done something to piss her off, because that means she doesn’t like you.” The next time I went on the Haunted Pub Tour, I made sure to go into the girls’ restroom on the second floor at Harry’s and apologize to Katalina.
I have now learned NEVER to provoke another spirit again.  ~MM

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