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Tour Guide Scratched!!!


     One of the spirits on our Pub Hearse Ride definitely made their presence known upstairs above one of our haunted pubs. A couple weeks ago our tour guide Nicole brought a few guests inside to tell them about the reported activity there and to do a little investigating. She sat on the bed in one of the bedrooms in the apartment and pulled out her PSB7 Spirit Box hoping to catch any communication. Apparently a spirit did not want anyone there, because over the Spirit Box she heard in a deep, growling voice “GET OFF THE BED!”. Nicole got off the bed immediately and about 5 mins later started to feel a burning sensation on her side. Later on that night she noticed she had two long, deep scratches that were still burning!
Our Pub Hearse Ride will take you to three haunted pubs and to some of the most haunted places in downtown St. Augustine. Have a few drinks at the pubs while you hear the dark, creepy stories of the spirits that haunt them! The Pub Hearse Ride is approximately three hours and departs every Friday and Saturday at 6pm and 9:30pm. Our haunted hearse sits up to eight guests and is also available for private parties. Join us for a unique and spirited pub tour that will surely be a night to remember!

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