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Dead Walk Testimony!!!

Incredible story shared by one of our guests on the Dead Walk Tour:
“Just wanted to share my incredible experience with you guys! Sunday night I went on the Dead Walk tour with my friends. When taken into the antique shop and into the dark narrow room, I felt totally fine and was excited that we could interact with Tim and was hoping for signs of other spirits. As we were exiting, a few feet from the door, I experienced an insane amount of dizziness that hit me like a sack of bricks. Less than a minute later, while the group was looking at the screen showing camera footage, I fell unconscious and woke up on my knees at the entrance of the shop. I’ve never fainted like that before and I tried to think of other factors that would cause that so suddenly and couldn’t think of a single one, so it was a super paranormal experience for me. I wasn’t scared or anything afterwards, I bounced back in no time at all. I felt the presence of the spirit and it’s something that can’t be described to someone who is skeptical about that stuff. Thanks for the great tour! Now I have a cool story to tell whether they believe me or not (although I had a room full of witnesses)!”
Come on our Dead Walk tour and perhaps you will encounter some paranormal activity as well!

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