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On our Total Paranormal Tour a few weeks ago, these photos of manifestations were taken at two of our haunted cemeteries here in downtown St. Augustine. In the first picture you can see a spirit orb near the top as it is moving between the trees, it even leaves a trail of light behind it as it moves. In the second picture you can see a full body apparition, a rare occurrence in the paranormal world. Slightly to the left you can see the apparition for yourself. I’ve posted the original picture along with the same picture with enhanced lighting, also one with an arrow pointing to the apparition.
Our Total Paranormal Tour features several haunted cemeteries like these where you get to investigate and learn the dark history that has occurred at these locations. We also visit a couple haunted buildings for you to investigate as well. With the tour lasting approximately 4.5 hours, you get many opportunities to see evidence like this for yourself. The tour starts at 8:45pm with a 2.5 hour investigation tour, then continues with a 2 hour tour in our Shadow Shuttle that visits even more haunted locations!
Photos courtesy of Tracy and Felicia Massie

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