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Tina's St. Francis Inn Experience

I just had to tell you about what happened on both the 9:15 and the 11:30 GhoSt Augustine Hearse Ride the other night! Both events happened at the St Francis house.
My first tour group was at the St. Francis Inn around 10:30 last night. I was telling the story of Ms. Elizabeth when a gentleman on the tour’s cell phone began to ring. I ignored the interruption and continued on with the story. He walked away from the group and kept saying “hello, hello, hello” There was no one on the other end of the call. So he excused himself. He came back to the group with a look of confusion on his face. He asked if we all heard his phone ring. Of course we did mutter a guest. The call came from his son’s number. Concerned there was something wrong he dialed it back. When he reached his son his son had no idea what his dad was talking about and told him he DID NOT call at 10:30! He wanted to know how that could have happened. I had no explanation for the phantom call! Could it have been Elizabeth that was playing with the gentleman’s phone?
The second incident happened at the same place but this time around 12:30. Again I was telling the story of Ms. Elizabeth. One of the gentlemen in the group walked away. I finished up the story and we all got back into the hearse. The man’s face was pale and asked again about Elizabeth and why she didn’t like men. I told him we think it was a man that murdered her and her anger is aimed towards men. He told us he was experiencing a panic attack just as I was beginning the story! He didn’t hear the entire story but had a feeling of apprehension and fear. He said he had to walk away because he couldn’t stay in the area. Not sure why Elizabeth’s energy was so strong last night but both times it was directed to men!
You never know what’s going to happen out there but it is always an adventure!

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