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The window that rattled

Yesterday,all of a sudden, I, Jonas – owner of GhoSt Augustine, was sitting working inside the haunted old offices/sleeping quarters of the haunted pub. I was sitting at the big table in the main room and was just wrapping up the day at 6 and opened a beer and as I poured in it in my glass the window behind me started to vibrate, rattle and shake and made the type of sound like someone driving by blasting an extreme car sound system with a heavy base. I ignored it thinking that that must be what is going on. Then it dawned on me that there is a roof outside the window so no car could be out there. So I turned around and looked at the noise making rattling window and then I realized that only that one window out of the 7 windows in the room was rattling. I opened the window to look out – it had just gotten dark – but there was no one out there on the roof playing a trick on me. As I did this the window stopped vibrating and the noise went away. There was no sound blasting car out there on the street around the corner either. Perhaps the ghost for some reason didn’t approve of me opening a beer !?! I am not sure, I guess I have to try it again, and open a beer and see if it happens again. Tough job, but someone has to do it… You can experience this building and also the famous haunted Antique Store along with some unique outside haunted spots when you join us on the Everdark Shadow Shuttle. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

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