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Story from a Haunted St. Augustine Guide

HSA Tour – 18 March 2010
My name is Celynda. I’m a recent graduate from Flagler College sporting a major in English and a minor in Theatre. I started working here in January and I’ve already got some interesting stories under my belt, including simultaneous meter readings between three meters at the fort, and an abundance of activity from a young boy named James down at the Tolomato Cemetary (he’s my favorite, by the way).
On Thursday, I went out with a group including two girls about my age who were both incredibly sensitive to the paranormal happenings around town. While we were at a haunted hot spot in the Minorcan District (quite infamous already for its activity), one of them saw a woman’s face on the second floor. Now this location normally has activity on the west side of the building. I’ve always been a bit wary about the house, and sometimes I feel I’m being watched when I stand on the south side of the house. The face seen on this particular evening was seen on the east side. I’m starting to wonder if our dear ghost, just follows us around to every side of the house until we leave the area. Quite an interesting concept. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more proof.

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