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Scratches During Paranormal Investigations

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Have you ever been on an investigation or watched one on television, and the investigators claim to be scratched, sporting long angry red welts down their arms, across their face, or even across their backs? These marks left on the skin seem to bridge the gap between our world and the ethereal. Could they truly be caused by entities from the beyond? Today we will explore the nature of these paranormal scratches.

In the realm of the paranormal, these scratches are often viewed as a direct form of interaction between the living and the dead. These seemingly inexplicable marks on the skin potentially carry a deeper significance. Some investigators believe they are possibly revealing a way of communication. By crossing the barriers that exist between these two worlds and leaving physical proof of their own existence, the spirits leave a lasting impression. However, there are those who believe these marks left on the living have a more sinister significance- attempted acts of harm upon those still walking the Earth. These “attacks” often leave people shaken up and uneasy.

Our haunted house in St. Augustine is no stranger to scratches. Investigators and guests alike have all had welts and other marks left on their skin with no explanation other than the spirits trying to communicate with the living. Investigators have shared photographs of these scratches on their skin, like pen on paper.

Scratches are not the only physical contact that the spirits in our haunted house favor. Guests have reported what feels like hands brushing over their shoulders. Another one of our investigators has experienced their shirt being tugged- this was captured on video.

As always, it’s important to explore alternative explanations for scratches- natural causes such as thorns, sharp objects, rashes from harsh fabric, or accidental self-infliction are all possibilities. It’s important to weigh these explanations against the context and circumstances of the investigation. In any case, These marks, whether caused by spirits or by natural circumstances, remind us that the realm of the unknown is vast, waiting to be explored. If you’d like to explore the unknown with us, join us on a Para4ce Investigation– a full two hour paranormal investigation of our haunted house. Or perhaps you’d like our Everdark Express– a van tour that takes you to some of the creepiest places in St. Augustine, with a short stop at the haunted house. Book your tour today!

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