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Orbs are they real ?

Hello out there, we at Ghost Augustine offer several tours, each and every tour is different but they have a few things in common. The Haunted pub tour goes to a few pubs, you get a spooky story about the pub then you get to go in and have a few drinks. The Haunted St. Augustine tour you get to use a couple of pieces of equipment that the ghost shows uses. The Dead Walk you go down the spooky south side and hear stories of long ago plus you get to go in a haunted building. The last tour we do is the Hearse ride, this is the ultimate spooky ride that takes you to a haunted building, the grounds of the lighthouse and to a few more places. These tours are different but they have at least one thing in common, orbs in pictures. As a tour guide I get the question asked a lot “what is an orb.” From research and being out there almost every night this is what we believe an orb is, it is the way the camera interprets the energy.  As tour guides with this company we always say to take at three pictures in the same spot, for comparison reasons. When we look at photos we go through a process first we look to see if there is any surfaces that would reflect the flash on the camera. We also look around to see if by chance it might be a man made light. There are several natural things that one might say is an orb, if there is moisture in the air the camera  flash will reflect off the moisture. If there is dust in the air then the flash will reflect off of that. Sad to say most pictures of orbs are not really orbs. If you take a picture right when the K 2 meter spikes and you see a moving ball of light in your picture then you probably caught an orb. Also if  you actually get touched or something physical happens to you and you catch an orb looking object then it might have been an orb. Yes there are orbs out there but sometimes it is really hard to decide if it is an actual orb or something in the air. Myself, the company and Tracy the person who helped with this information, believe that orbs are out there but they are harder to catch on film and prove that they are an orb then one might think.

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