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Meet our newest guide – Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a lifelong academic that started with a Bachelor’s in English,
several bodywork certificates and finally to the height of his life purpose:
a degree in Chinese Medicine. An Acupuncture Physician licensed in the state
of Florida, Jeffrey grew up in Florida and then spent 17 years in California
learning that when we love what we do, the rest takes care of itself.
Jeffrey has a keen sense of comic irony, spinning tales that are fun, yet
thought provoking. Valedictorian of his class and a jack ass of many trades,
Jeffrey highly values education and always wants to share the curiosities of
life whether he’s teaching English to at risk students or being an emcee at
a bikini bar. He also has the highest nationally recognized certification in
Chinese Medicine and interned at the Venice Family Clinic, the largest free
clinic in the country.
So if your tastes are eclectic and offbeat, look him up. You may find
Jeffrey’s spin on Florida history swirling around a bizarro world of
colonial ghosts and hopping Asian vampires to be the haunted pub experience
that is tailor made for you.

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