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Meanings of Headstones

Ever wonder what headstones mean? Here are a few of the most used designs on headstones:
Anchor – Steadfast hope
Arch – Rejoined with partner in Heaven
Birds – The soul
Cherub – Divine wisdom or justice
Column – Noble life
Broken column – Early death
Conch shell – Wisdom
Cross, anchor and Bible – Trials, victory and reward
Crown – Reward and glory
Dolphin – Salvation, bearer of souls to Heaven
Dove – Purity, love and Holy Spirit
Evergreen – Eternal life
Garland – Victory over death
Gourds – Deliverance from grief
Hands – A relation or partnership
Heart – Devotion
Horseshoe – Protection against evil
Hourglass – Time and its swift flight
Ivy – Faithfulness, memory, and undying friendship
Lamb – Innocence
Laurel – Victory
Lily – Purity and resurrection
Mermaid – Dualism of Christ – fully God, fully man
Oak – Strength
Olive branch – Forgiveness, and peace
Palms – Martyrdom, or victory over death
Peacock – Eternal life
Poppy – Eternal sleep
Rooster – Awakening, courage and vigilance
Shell – Birth and resurrection
Star of David – The God
Skeleton – Life’s brevity
Snake in a circle – Everlasting life in Heaven
Swallow – Motherhood
Broken sword – Life cut short
Crossed swords – Life lost in battle
Torch – Eternal life if upturned, death if extinguished
Tree trunk – The beauty of life
Triangle – Truth, equality and the trinity
Shattered urn – Old age, mourning if draped
Weeping willow – Mourning, grief

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